[:en]Formed in the back alleys of Montreal in 2007, Bad Uncle started out as a duo of no-goodniks singing songs of graveyard lust, old world justice and unbathed forestry workers, mostly at children’s birthday parties and Chinese buffets.

Growing from a two-piece into several mutations of up to six musicians, Bad Uncle has gigged extensively in Montreal, all over the rest of Quebec, the East and West coasts of Canada, New York City, Middle Earth and the ocean floor.

The band has 5 albums under their belt, including a circus themed rock opera, all of which were recorded and performed with the help of various Montreal musicians and performers.

Bad Uncle, now a vicious four-piece, is set to release their 6th album, “Theodore”, in May of 2016. It will be available at your local Denny’s as part of the Grand Slam breakfast combo.

Visit Bad Uncle’s website: saybaduncle.com

[:fr]Grâce à son mélange tantôt frénétique, tantôt terrifiant de folk et de blues, Bad Uncle a quelque chose à offrir aux curieux de tous les horizons culturels, économiques et génétiques de Montréal. Le sixième album du groupe, Theodore, est paru en mai 2016.

Site officiel : saybaduncle.com