[:en]Bloodshot Bill started playing in his hometown of Montreal, around 1998, with just a guitar and a stomp board. Since then, he has had over 30 releases throughout Europe, USA and Canada – and still tours all these places frequently. He was banned from entering the States for 5 years (2006-2011) and made his first “welcome back” show in USA at the Norton Records 25th Anniversary Weekend, performing alongside such legendary acts such as Andre Williams, The Sonics, 5678’s, Mighty Hannibal and The South Bay Surfers. Since 2003 his hair has been slicked with his own brand of grease, “Nice ‘n’ Greasy”, and he plays his guitar through his custom made one-of-a-kind Richtone Amp. He’s been in lotsa bands you’ve never heard of (Hubcaps, Guilloteens, Bootlegs, Hand-Cuffs, Pouteens, Hick-Ups). Won FME’s Coup De Coeur prize in 2007. Has released records with Mark “BBQ” Sultan as The Ding- Dongs. Has been in several films & documentaries. Collaborates with King Khan as Tandoori Knights, and Bollywood Argyles. He’s the spokesmen for a hamburger, The Degeue (“disgusting burger” translated). Usually travels alone as a one man band.

Visit Bloodshot Bill’s website: bloodshotbill.com

[:fr]Avec 12 albums et un nombre incalculable de EP en 10 ans, le prolifique homme-orchestre est passé maître du rockabilly-lo-fi-blues-trash à la sauce 210 volts. Sa mèche gominée, sa guitare, sa chemise trempée et lui sont indissociables. Son spectacle rappelle Johnny Burnette ou Gene Vincent, mais en plus déjanté et insolent.

Site officiel : bloodshotbill.com