[:en]Katie Moore is an uncompromising songstress whose haunting music defies quick categorization; it lies somewhere in the no-man’s-land between folk, soul, R&B, and Americana. Built around a persuasive simplicity, each song is anchored by her voice. “I often get asked how long I have been singing for, and I don’t know how to answer that,” says Katie. “How long have you been breathing? It’s just a natural thing I do. I love it.” That much is obvious— enchanting, earthy, pure, real, open; these are some of its descriptors.

Katie casts her vocal anchor into a sea of lush and playful instrumentation. The musicians that perform and record with her include some of Montreal’s finest: Warren C. Spicer and Matthew Woodley (Plants and Animals), Josh Dolgin (Socalled), Chilly Gonzales, Joe Grass, David Payant (Silver Mt. Zion), and Mike O’Brien. She and her troupe of instrument toting friends have performed at SXSW, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Hillside Music Fest, Festival de la Musique Émergente, Dawson City Music Fest, and Pop Montreal.

Her collaborations swing both ways. Renowned artists have sought Katie’s natural, effortless timbre out as accompaniment. Highlights include Feist, Patrick Watson, Chilly Gonzales, Plants and Animals, and Socalled.

The debut solo recording, Only Thing Worse (Borealis, 2007) ties together influences from old-time country and bluegrass to folk and indie-rock. Only Thing Worse was nominated for Quebec’s GAMIQ Awards, a MIMI (Montreal Independent Music Initiative) Award, and has held a steady place on College radio charts. The original song “Rush Enough” was nominated for SOCAN’s ECHO Songwriting Prize.

Katie’s sophomore solo recording, Montebello was released February 1, 2011, on the artists own label. Recorded and mixed at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango and Treatment Room, Montebello layers 1970’s soul influences and lush instrumentation into Katie’s Americana/folk sound. In 2011, the single “Wake Up Like This” won the SOCAN ECHO Songwriting Prize and Montebello won Quebec’s GAMIQ Award for Folk/Country Album of the Year.

Katie Moore’s most recent solo album, Fooled By the Fun, was recorded in a studio set up in her family home in Hudson Quebec.

Visit Katie Moore’s website: katiemoore.ca

[:fr]Idyllique, pure et ouverte : la musique envoûtante de Katie Moore se situe à la croisée du folk, du country, de la soul et de l’americana. Ses chansons, empreintes d’une simplicité convaincante, trouvent leur ancrage dans sa voix unique.

Site officiel : katiemoore.ca