[:en]North Country Towers is a music entity based in a folk background but always moving forward. The idea comes from the fire towers of northern Ontario, offering a place to escape from the everyday struggles and fully experience nature and relaxation. North Country Towers is not only a soloist but it is a flexible entity, involving a full band at times but also featuring a single person.

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, North Country Towers is Caleb Smith. What started as a folk duo in 2013 involving Thomas Beard on cello and Caleb Smith on guitar and vocals has transformed into a solo project. Caleb uses all of his influences from his upbringing in Ontario folk to his more recent influences in classical and the Montreal Jazz scene to create a relaxing and fun experience. North Country Towers produced their first EP album funded through an Indiegogo campaign back in September 2014. Their second album called Along the Way, released in August 2015, features more instruments and has a much fuller sound. Caleb continues to write new music and perform shows all over Ontario and in Montreal and has aspirations of bringing his music all over the country.

Visit North Country Towers’ website: northcountrytowers.com

[:fr]Caleb Smith and the North Country Towers nous propose d’oublier nos problèmes quotidiens et de profiter pleinement de la nature et de la détente, l’instant d’un spectacle. Guitares acoustique et électrique à la main, le duo montréalais monte sur scène avec un groupe complet pour offrir une expérience à ne pas manquer.

Site officiel : northcountrytowers.com