[:en]Street Meat was banned from Montreal in the 1960’s due to concerns about hygiene; well, it is back and dirtier than ever. The secret to the gravy is how it combines disparate ingredients to come up with a delicious concoction of Rockabilly, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass and Prog Rock. The band started on the street as part of Montreal’s vibrant community of buskers. Jean-Philippe Lelotte-Demers, Paul Dawson and Lucas Choi Zimbel casually taught each other their respective repertoire of originals and covers varying from Old Time to Jazz to Punk with every possible flavor in between. They quickly moved on to bars and concert halls as mesmerized pedestrians began offering them gigs in all sorts of strange and exotic locations. After a student at a recording school offered to record a demo, Street Meat connived and schemed a way into recording a full-length EP over a year spent writing tunes at a cottage in the woods and recording it in god-awful conditions in studios around Montreal. The album release would have to wait though since the band got invited to a festival held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Almost fresh off the plane with big army boots and Canada-climate clothes, the band was already busking. At that very first spot the band met a journalist who was covering the festival that dug the music enough to get them a 3-song set and interview on JR National News. Once back in Montreal, Street Meat used the video of that encounter to garner media attention, notably a feature article in Montreal’s Le Devoir newspaper, this acted as a springboard to the sold-out album launch. Since the launch, Street Meat has been juggling tours, local shows and composing profusely. They have been back to tour Brazil three times for tours and festivals and have signed on with a local label in Sao Paulo. Their second album was released in May 2015 to rave reviews from all corners of their scene. An EP and a third full-length album are currently in the works.

Visit Street Meat’s website: streetmeatband.com

[:fr]Street Meat est le fruit d’une heureuse rencontre entre trois musiciens ambulants. Ensemble, ils vous servent du rockabilly, du jazz manouche et du bluegrass bien frais. Depuis 2011, ils parcourent les routes du Québec et du Brésil et ont lancé deux disques : Comme D’la Viande (2012) et Prisoner’s Dream (2015).

Site officiel : streetmeatband.com