[:en]When professional illustrator Karim Terouz left his hometown of Cairo at the age of 25, he not only made the ballsy decision to brace the blistering Canadian winters, he also chose to seek out a whole new career path in Montreal, QC.

Turning to his true passion – songwriting – Terouz began visiting every open mic night imaginable, which is how he came to discover Hubert Tremblay (Guitars).They got right to work on Karim’s songs and the rest of the members Andrew Sudlow (Bass), Isaac Gesse on Trumpet and Harvey Bienaimée on Drums, completed the band for their first payed gig as The Rising Few.

Fusing raspy Rock vocals with Rhythm & Blues, visceral lyrics with dark undertones, The Few deliver an original heart wrenching, commanding vibe to whatever room they play.

Imagine Nathaniel Rateliff crossed with Big Sugar, Tom Waits with The Dave Matthews Band or even a blend of Tragically Hip and Leonard Cohen merging with Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band.

Boosted by a first place win at the LME showcase competition in which the band beat out 200+ others for top honours, The Rising Few unveiled its first album, Sinners on St-Laurent, produced by the great Glen Robinson whoms mixing and mastering credits have been involved in projects with Dave Grohl’s Probot, The Ramones, The Steve Miller Band, David Bowie, AC/DC, Keith Richards, The Tea Party, Ringo Starr, The Beach Boys and many more over the course of his career.

The Album and Karim’s story captured the attention of The Gazette(Publication),CBC radio and Music Plus (Televison).

Visit The Rising Few’s website: therisingfew.com

[:fr]Les douces mélodies interprétées par la voix rauque et envoûtante de Karim produisent un spectacle vibrant d’émotion. Le vaste registre de la formation se compose de rythmes et de groove, d’éclats de trompette et de guitare avec effets de distorsion offrant une performance folk rock électrisante et débordante de sensibilité.

Site officiel : therisingfew.com