[:en]Socalled and Yves Lambert, musical kindred spirits and risk-takers, share a respect for the balance that is created between musical authenticity and experience, and an awareness of having cultural identities that take pride in their roots. The duo first met in Copenhagen a few years ago and decided to collaborate. They started working together on Socalled’s puppet musical The Season – Yves played the Hunter – the soundtrack of which was later recorded and released. Yves then performed on “Booty Call” on Socalled’s Peoplewatching album before they embarked on the LAMBERT DANS SES BOTTINES adventure.

Visit Socalled and Yves Lambert’s website: yveslambert.com/en/yves-lambert-avec-socalled/

[:fr]Homme-orchestre, réalisateur, cinéaste, magicien, Socalled ne connaît aucune limite quand il est question d’art. Yves Lambert, chanteur et multi-instrumentiste, roule sa boule depuis plus de 40 ans. Ensemble, ils offrent une version traditionnelle et électronique du répertoire personnel de Lambert. Un pari audacieux qui permet à cette relecture de s’affirmer.

Site officiel : yveslambert.com/en/yves-lambert-avec-socalled/