Bud Rice

Bud Rice is a singer/songwriter based out of Montreal, Canada who has just released his first full length studio album, Belfast. For the past year, Bud Rice and his team have been hard at work recording the debut album. Named after the birthplace of his grandfather and the hometown of his mother, Belfast is an album that culminates Rice’s family, love, loss, and general day to day experiences. The 10-song album is an eclectic collaboration ranging from intimate, lyrically driven songs to upbeat soul, R&B, and rock tunes put together with a heavy hitting assembly of Montreal artistry. The production is thanks to Hotel2TangoPJ StudiosStudio 451Mixart, and Grey Market Mastering allowing each song to truly embody his message.

Bud grew up in a musically influenced home. His father, local Celtic musician Dave Gossage, inspired him to start playing as a child. Ironically, from an early age Rice often rejected formal musical training, but always had an appetite for performing. His charisma and natural drive was what landed him playing onstage in bars as early as 15 years old. He played with friends and solo in cafes and venues around Mile End as a start to his music career then moved on to playing showcase shows around Montreal, Toronto, and New York City. He has been playing music for nearly 10 years ranging from deep roots folk style to blues and rock influenced songs. 

Rice is a strong supporter of the local music scene and plays regularly with drummer, Marc Beland, and vocalist, Senja Sargeant. His deeply emotive lyricism are incredibly personal and specific which heightens the authenticity of his sound. Combined with his soulful hooks and prolific songwriting, Bud Rice is a truly unique and fresh addition to Montreal’s music scene.