Eddy Blake

It is delightfully rare to see a singer performing while nothing but a double-bass and a pocketful of magic tricks as accompaniment, and with Eddy Blake Eaton’s charisma, conviction and musical passion, he pulls it off like none other! Eddy Blake Eaton is a musician’s musician, and aside from having fronted the Cockroaches and later the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, Eddy has backed artists from the United Steel Workers of Montreal, Bloodshot Bill, Filly and the Flops, Gigi French, Red Mass, and Bobby Dove, not to mention his regular performances on the classical tip. Eddy Blake’s solo act brings the double bass into the foreground, where it is used not only for basslines, but chordally, rhythmically and melodically as well. With techniques ranging from cello-like bow work to percussive slapping of old-time country and rockabilly originals and songbook favorites, Eddy Blake Eaton sings his heart out in a true-to-self crooning tenor.