Gina and the Inner Circle

Originally from Havana, Cuba, Regina “Gina” Soto is a young pianist, singer, composer and arranger with a wide repertoire of songs and genres like jazz, R&B, blues, soul, and pop. After refining her composing skills for over a decade, she has now written many songs of her own. She currently leads the Inner Circle, a group consisting of Marco Petrella (keys), Matt McCormack (bass), Adrian Bucella (guitar), Matt Dicker (drums), and Malcolm Findlay (saxophone); experimenting with sounds influenced by Anderson, Paak, Thundercat, Jacob Collier, Ledisi, D’Angelo, and many more. They participated in the Folk Fest in 2016 and have played at La Marche à Côté, Bar St Denis and other venues. Gina and The Inner Circle are currently working on their first EP.