Jabbour brings together some of Montreal’s finest musicians and songwriters. With a background in jazz, blues and folk, bassist Carl Rufh has been described as this city’s hardest working musician. He brings solid lines and a sense of rhythm like no other to the table. Often seen and heard behind a drumkit for some of Quebec’s well known Cajun and blues acts (Bayou Saint Laurent, Grouyan Gombo, Pat Loiselle), ukulele in hand, Bill Collier takes a different approach with Jabbour. His percussion choices and techniques (cajon, foot tambourine) solidify the rhythm section.

Singer/songwriters Guillaume Jabbour and Bill Collier blend a bilingual approach to songwriting with chanson francophone and Québécoise, Western Swing and Cajun music. Jabbour has a way of transforming life’s ordinary (and not so ordinary) events into poetic, musical works to be experienced by the listener.