Jesse Stone & The Freeloaders

Jesse Stone is a prolific songwriter who puts on an exceptional stage performance. His music is very catchy and his vocal delivery is unique. His fearlessness on-stage is due in large part to his huge catalog of original material, years of experience, and the consistent positive crowd reactions. It’s not that he has a few good songs, it’s that he can keep people dancing and singing along for over hours on end.

Shane Murphy is a Canadian songwriter and musician from Montréal, where he is well known throughout “La Belle Ville” for his raw and soulful performances. Raised on Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen and Sly and the Family Stone, Murphy fuses his roots-music influences with a love of classic funk and reggae. The release of “Street Money Miracle” and “The Good Years” led to opening spots for Adele, Derek Trucks, John Mayall, Buddy Guy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, three European tours and performances at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.