Les Tireux d’Roches

Sitting around a wood burning stove in their coffee house in the village of St-Élie-de-Caxton, Denis Massé and Dominic Lemieux founded les Tireux d’Roches, aka TDR. It was in 1998. As years went by, the group has harboured many fascinating and passionate musicians. These various incarnations produced a unique sound within Quebec’s folk-trad universe. Today, Pascal «Per» Veillette on harmonica, Luc Jason Murphy on woodwinds and David Robert on percussions join Denis on Accordion and Dominic on guitar.

Now nearing it’s 20th year of existence, the band can fondly look back at a road sewn with musical camaraderie, artistic collaboration and memorable tours. They are trail blazers in Quebec’s traditional music scene, which makes them excellent cultural ambassadors. In other countries they are classified as ‘World Beat’ with folk and traditional accents. In short, they are fine representatives of Québec’s blooming culture on the world stage.

After nearly one thousand shows, the band has never felt better about collaborating. They compose as a group and the stage is their playground. This symbiosis is generously shared with audience members. Every show is a party.

The band has performed around the world in countries such as China, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Here in Canada, they’ve performed from coast to coast.

To this day, they still gather around a wood burning stove to create, innovate and compose this unique music.