The Steady Swagger

It’s not like Primus, Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello drinking whiskey in a Tim Burton film!  

As soon as they get going, so does their hungry public. For the past six years, the Steady Swagger have been crafting their unique style of folk storytelling grounded by a solid rock and roll foundation. They play a deft melange of high-octane theatrical folk music punctuated by surf/prog rock, jazz, and pirate shanties. Montreal’s charismatic power trio have a voracious drive, and it’s quite the spectacle. Stillness and mayhem. Waltzes and mosh pits. Roaring shouts and singalongs. It’s a potent mixture of festive and dark, comforting and angry, comical and dramatic. It’s rugged, charismatic, finely distilled and ferociously fun.