Youth performances

We are pleased to invite young folk musicians, dancers, and storytellers (aged 4 to 19) to the stage again this year. This is an important step in a folk artist’s life as it allows them to hone their performance skills and network with their peers and the folk community at large in a semi-professional environment. It is an exciting opportunity for mentorship, education and, most of all, having fun.

Are you a young folk musician, dancer, or storyteller (aged 4 to 19)? If so, this stage was created for you! Come and show off your performance skills and meet other folk musicians in a laid-back and fun environment!

To apply for your slot, just fill in the form below:

    Name of group or performer

    Genre (dance, storytelling, instrumental, etc.)

    Number of people

    Brief description of performance

    Brief biography of the performer(s)

    Contact person

    Parent or guardian



    Have you performed at the Folk Fest sur le canal before?

    The Lhasa Stage will be a tented 10′ x 20′ stage with a PA and 8 channel board.

    Do you require amplification? If so, what kind? (For example: if you are a banjo player and you sing, you will need one vocal microphone and one instrument microphone. If you are a guitar player, do you have a pick up on your guitar or will you need a microphone?)

    Please upload a recent photograph (gif, bmp, jpg, jpeg) of yourself or your group here.