Montreal Sacred Harp Singers

Sacred Harp is a centuries-old (but still living!) tradition of singing in a four shape notation system. At times energetic at times solemn and slower, these hymns, odes and anthems are always very pleasing to the soul. Expect loud discordant fervent singing about rivers of blood and being a mortal worm and panting for heaven, nature lying in ruins and your enemies being plunged deep into endless pain.

The Montreal Sacred Harp Singers meet for a weekly Sacred Harp singing, every Tuesday evening here in Montreal. They sing from 7-9 p.m. at La Poêle (5334, avenue de Gaspé, room 307). They also host an annual All Day Singing on the Sunday of the second weekend in July: [email protected] for details. Folk Fest sur le canal is excited to welcome this fine group to the Lhasa de Sela tent for a demonstration of this unique folk tradition.